Friday, May 8, 2009

To much time off.

I hate when it is to wet to work and figure at times others that don't even know me do also. When I am not working I spend a lot of time online usually making comments at other blogs. Since I am not the most educated person on any subject, I figure some just avoid my comments. I don't mind that because I am mainly making the comments to help me guide myself to a reasonable line of thinking.

I saw a comment by an atheist today that made me start thinking about what it means to convert others. People will make comments claiming they aren't trying to convert others but isn't converting others the main reason we discuss differences we have. I know sometimes these discussions go no where, while others times it leads to compromise. People may not think they are trying to convert people but isn't that what we are all trying to do from time to time. Yes there are times that we aren't really pushing what we believe on others like we are trying to convert them. If you are trying to get someone to change their view, even when it is just an opinion it is still a form of converting.

I am still working on the questions of morals and I feel people need to quit thinking all of this is new. People though out history have been having this discussion. Why do people change their morals? It varies for everyone but figure most change due to pressure from others. Some of the pressure can come from their religion, friends, family, and major events in their life.

Religion will force views that can go against what society sees as morally right or wrong. It doesn't happen this way often since the majority of society has a religious belief. Religion also causes there to be a wall between those with opposing religions. It has been known to create those walls between family and friends. I see any religion that places itself before family and friends as a weakness. If the only way you can maintain a belief in a religion is to put a wall between yourself and others then you are hiding from life.

Friends are one of the biggest influence for most peoples morals after they hit around 14 or 15. Families will still have an influence but many times the friends will use that as a means of showing how the family is holding them back. Friends, like any other influence, can be positive or negative. Most people call it peer pressure but it is still part of morals building.

Families are the first major influence for morals yet many times it can be in conflict with friends and society. How does family influence the morals? I see it mainly in their actions and what they allow their children to do. Since tv has become a big part of family life, what they view will also have some influence. Of course there is plenty of negative influence to go around but as long as the family insures that they know it isn't always the same in real life.

Major events can completely change not just the morals but the way people will live.

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