Thursday, December 23, 2010

New camera

I have always enjoyed taking picture but have never been able to afford the type of camera to take really good photos. I have been working for the same small company for over 10 years and instead of a cash bonus this year they give me a Canon Rebel T2i. I haven't enjoyed a camera like this in over 20 years. I have just started playing with it and I know I will now spend a good bit of time taking photos. This is one of the first picture I have taken with it and am already impressed with the quality of it. You do have to understand I have only been using 8 and 10 mega pixel cameras before this one. The only thing that sucks about this camera is that some of the concerts I like going to doesn't allow this type of camera into the concert. I can understand that because of the high quality. I hope to start posting at least a few photos every week and maybe a few videos as I get better with this camera. I think me and my dog will begin making a few trips into nature now because of this camera. I am more into nature photography then most anything else. What kinds of stuff would anyone that reads this be interested in seeing about Arkansas?