Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I am actually reading my first atheist book.

I am actually reading an atheist book for the first time. Yes this is the book and I figure it will take a while. I haven't actually sit down and read a book in over 4 years. I went to the bookstore here and talk about a terrible selection of books by atheist. I found this and one other book that I was sure were written by actual atheist. I can't remember the other title but it was suppose to explain atheism. I do have to ask all of you few readers, why are the damn books so expensive? Damn I couldn't believe the prices on some of the books I checked out. I hope the people doing the work to get them out into the bookstores are getting a fair share.

I am not really that worried about the cost so much since I am trying to quit a bad habit. I have figured out I can fill my library fairly quickly if I can control my bad habit. The problem will be finding the books at local bookstores here in the bible belt.

I figure I will slowly build my collection and any advise about some of the better books to read would help. I know vjack has a list of some but am looking for the basic ones at this time.