Monday, January 17, 2011

Was reading an Article.

I was reading an article over at  Buzzflash. I am hoping it is a joke but am afraid this person actually thinks the article is a good one. They start out with a title that sounds ok but why would they use someone like Jesus to support peace. I'm not sure of the verses but it is claimed that he said to kill all your father, mother, brother, and others. He is also suppose to have said that he didn't come to bring peace but to bring conflict. Those verses alone are enough, in my opinion, to suggest Jesus and those that follow him aren't these peace loving people many claim.

The author says the first thing she would do would be to make all men impotent for ten years. She seems to think that this would make the men appreciate  their children more. I don't think she has a very good understanding of men who abuse children. If she thinks these guys would stop abusing their children she hasn't ever known anyone that is a child abuser. I would say that this action would actually cause an increase in abuse of children and women. I would say it would destroy many families and in the end it would cause an increase in the number of suicides. There are probably other reasons this would be a mistake but think those are enough.

I can agree with her second action but it fails way short of what it would take to stop humankind from being destroyed by military force. There are weapons that can kill 10000 or more in just seconds without much of an explosion. These weapons are chemical and biological weapons. Not all of these weapons even kill but will maim and scar people for life.

Her third action seems to be as rash as her first one. Does she really believe getting rid of Wall Street and the Pentagon would stop greed and the hunger for power? The only way to stop the greed and hunger for power that is destroying this nation is to make them cost more then they will gain someone. The easiest way to get rid of the more extreme greed is to apply heavy taxes too anything over a reasonable income. The problem with trying to stop the hunger for power is we wouldn't be a nation if some of the founding fathers hadn't had a desire for power.

The final thing just makes no sense at all to me. Yes the interstates did make travelling easier but even before they were built people traveled. The fogging in of airports is just childish and is another of those I really didn't think about what I was saying. How many times have these same airports been the only means of getting much needed supplies and medical personnel in areas that have just had a natural disaster?

What really made me laugh was this statement where she was talking about the good old days. I don't want for things to go back to what it was like then. The only real way for life to be as it was, we would need to get rid of most if not all the great advances we have made since the good old days. I have never really been sure what someone means by that phrase anyway. It seems to be childish fantasy most of the time when I do hear it. I very much doubt she wants to give up all of her toys and medical advances for the illusion of some fantasy world.

The final thing is just sad. If a person kills they are to disappear. What if someone kills in self defense or commits violent acts against someone who is threating them? I am sorry to say but I believe that most teenagers could come up with a better way to bring peace.