Thursday, March 5, 2009

My beliefs

I am non-relegious but don't see myself as an atheist. I know that some people will say what is the difference. That is a good question and to tell the truth I can't really say for sure. In my earlier post I stated that using the right defintion, you can say atheism is a religion. I might call myself non-religios simply because I don't want the hate shown to me that most atheist receive. 
Why don't I believe in some god? There are a few reasons and they are based on both evidence and feelings. I can't say any one reason is more important then any other. I think the one that I use the most is how much hate you see coming from most religions. Allt the moderates of different religions will say their religion is peaceful but then will turn around and bash those that are different then them. The moderates will backhandly support the more exetreme elements of the religion. The way they do this is by not confronting them on the areas of where the exetremist go overbroad. They also help finically but probably don't even know they are. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Atheism: Is it a religion.

I am going to try and explain this as well as I can just hope it makes sense. When I think about what I want to say it seems to work good but when I type it, it comes out wrong. 

I have posted the link to the definition since it is pretty long and I try to keep my post somewhat short. If you look at the 6th definition of religion you could say it is for some atheist. The problem is that it is to easy with these definitions to make anything a religion. 
When someone that is a theist says atheism is a religion, I very much doubt they are using #6 when they say it.  I figure they are using either #1 or #2, when they use one of those they are wrong in their use of the word. When the theist does call atheism a religion they are usually doing it more in defense of their beliefs then trying to prove anything. They are wanting to see everyone as they themselves are. They have to believe they are right or their world will fall apart. 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Shopping Cart

This shopping cart has been in the storm drain for two or three weeks. It was sitting in the yard of a house near by but when it was moved by some kids. The way they have things set up on it, they have been using it to ride around in. I have been thinking the rain we have gotten would have washed it down the drain but it is still around. I figure since spring is on the way, we should be getting some good storms soon. I will try to keep anyone reading this updated on the cart. I know if you are reading this your life is as slow as mine is. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yesterday I said something about my dog and here he is. I was told when I got him almost three years ago he is part beagle and bassetthound. All I know is he is pretty good for the most part until the neighbors let their dogs out. He then will go nuts here in the aprt until I take him out or the other dogs go in. His name is Bacon and no I have no real reason for calling him that other then few others are named it. 
I really want to write about other things but until I get a little better at putting my thought down in a blog will have to hold off.