Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why support churches?

Why do people think that churches are a charity? This is one reason I know that religions are not about what they claim to be. I have been checking out what some people are paid to lead a church and find it amazing that people think it is in line with their so called man-god. I think I understand why but know most people within the religions will always deny it. They are so into money and power that they have to make their religion seem it is how their god shows them favor. If they were really all about doing good for others they wouldn't spend billions every year on building churches and salaries for those in positions of power. They would build structures that would accommodate their needs and the rest of the money would be used to improve living conditions of the people within the community. Until the people within religions really start caring about others outside their beliefs they will continue to breed haters and will lose their power. I am glad they will never figure this out and am hoping that they will become just a side note in what not to be.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Is she in the right?

I heard this story on the radio today and decided to see if it was true. The question I have was she in the right to do this.