Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My early morning visitor

I had this early morning visitor and have found a good home for him. I figure he was washed out of his home due to all the rain we have gotten lately. If you listen you can hear him over the tv and the dog I was holding back from messing with it.

I have been talking about morals lately and I wonder if this is one of those morals. If I had seen this raccoon in the wild by himself I doubt I would have went to the effort to find him a home. Since it came to my door I feel I should do what I can to give him a chance to live on. It probably helps that he is young and I would probably do the same thing for most baby animals.

I have a cat that came to me in about the same way. He showed up on my window sill early one morning and have taken care of him since. That is where I got his name of Winsill.

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