Thursday, February 10, 2011

What gives?

Yesterday we got an above average snowfall for here in Arkansas. It was 7-9 inches, I didn't really check. I noticed something I find odd today. The yards of the two buildings in the top photo haven't even been walked in today. These yards aren't the only ones. There are no kids out playing in the snow and I find that odd. I can understand why they aren't out in the morning hours but this afternoon it was plenty warm for kids to get out and play. Are parents afraid to let their kids be kids?

Hell my dog was wearing me out trying to keep up with him. He likes playing in the snow unless it is really cold like this morning or the snow has crusted over and he keeps breaking though it.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Was reading an Article.

I was reading an article over at  Buzzflash. I am hoping it is a joke but am afraid this person actually thinks the article is a good one. They start out with a title that sounds ok but why would they use someone like Jesus to support peace. I'm not sure of the verses but it is claimed that he said to kill all your father, mother, brother, and others. He is also suppose to have said that he didn't come to bring peace but to bring conflict. Those verses alone are enough, in my opinion, to suggest Jesus and those that follow him aren't these peace loving people many claim.

The author says the first thing she would do would be to make all men impotent for ten years. She seems to think that this would make the men appreciate  their children more. I don't think she has a very good understanding of men who abuse children. If she thinks these guys would stop abusing their children she hasn't ever known anyone that is a child abuser. I would say that this action would actually cause an increase in abuse of children and women. I would say it would destroy many families and in the end it would cause an increase in the number of suicides. There are probably other reasons this would be a mistake but think those are enough.

I can agree with her second action but it fails way short of what it would take to stop humankind from being destroyed by military force. There are weapons that can kill 10000 or more in just seconds without much of an explosion. These weapons are chemical and biological weapons. Not all of these weapons even kill but will maim and scar people for life.

Her third action seems to be as rash as her first one. Does she really believe getting rid of Wall Street and the Pentagon would stop greed and the hunger for power? The only way to stop the greed and hunger for power that is destroying this nation is to make them cost more then they will gain someone. The easiest way to get rid of the more extreme greed is to apply heavy taxes too anything over a reasonable income. The problem with trying to stop the hunger for power is we wouldn't be a nation if some of the founding fathers hadn't had a desire for power.

The final thing just makes no sense at all to me. Yes the interstates did make travelling easier but even before they were built people traveled. The fogging in of airports is just childish and is another of those I really didn't think about what I was saying. How many times have these same airports been the only means of getting much needed supplies and medical personnel in areas that have just had a natural disaster?

What really made me laugh was this statement where she was talking about the good old days. I don't want for things to go back to what it was like then. The only real way for life to be as it was, we would need to get rid of most if not all the great advances we have made since the good old days. I have never really been sure what someone means by that phrase anyway. It seems to be childish fantasy most of the time when I do hear it. I very much doubt she wants to give up all of her toys and medical advances for the illusion of some fantasy world.

The final thing is just sad. If a person kills they are to disappear. What if someone kills in self defense or commits violent acts against someone who is threating them? I am sorry to say but I believe that most teenagers could come up with a better way to bring peace.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Playing with the camera.

I really like this camera. Many years ago I had a 35mm but never was able to really do something like this with it. I'm not sure how fast the disc is spinning but was able to get these two pictures just before the video. I do know when the disc is at full speed, it will cut though a 20" tree in just a second. The only problem I have with the camera is there is so much you can do with it, it is hard to remember it all.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am amazed at how long it takes to build bridges. It is probably to late in the year to be pouring the concrete now. This bridge was started about a year ago along with another one that is about 1 mile away from this one. I figure they could have finished this one but stopped working on it until they were ready to do the concrete on the second bridge. If you look closely you will see the bridge they are replacing. The second picture is a better view of the one they are replacing. It is hard to believe we drive across this thing with loads weighing over 85,000 lbs. Yes it is completely made of wood other the some metal bracing under and on the sides. If my information is correct, this is one of the few wooden bridges within the state and has been on the replacement list for a good while.

 This is the second bridge and it is a one lane bridge.
If you enlarge this picture you will find  a section of railing that is of a different color then the rest of it. It was several years ago that the newer section was put in because of damage damage due to flooding.

Why don't I believe in a God 2?

I have still been thinking about this question and I see sin as another reason I can't believe a god exist.

Lets look at what sin is according to a few different sources. The dictionary say this is what sin is. What do religious people see it as? I don't think most religious people really use the dictionary version as they do their own personnel version. This is what really makes it tough to get a good list of what is and isn't a sin. I found this list of sins and another here. I haven't gone though either list completely but you can see they are different.
How many people even try to live their lives according to either of these list? How could anyone live according to these list? The concept of sin doesn't really fit in with the god most christians claim to believe in and worship. There are things those within religions call sin that I can agree with but most of the stuff harms the one trying to avoid the sin more then it would harm others if they just did it. The second list really trips me out but because of it, I am better able to understand why it is so easy to manipulate christians into acts that go against their better judgement. I have glanced at the second list and it just seems to me that sins are whatever some religious leader at the time wanted it to be.

I think people should focus more on what is right or wrong for humankind then on individual sins. How should we decide what is right or wrong? I look at how my actions will effect those around me directly. I think most indirect effects a decision has on others is not something you can use fully to make that decision. The bad part is not all actions that are right will always have positive effects on others directly. If we only do things that have positive effects we will never do anything but you can take actions with the least negative effects. I think drugs and alcohol are good examples of what can be right and wrong decisions made. Many drugs that are defined as illegal can easily have more negative effects then positive effects. The negative effects of drugs tend to be caused more because they are illegal then that a person has taken them. I know most of the hard drugs will destroy the person taking them and anyone they know can have their lives ruined also. I doubt the negative effects of illegal drugs would be as bad if most drugs were legal and controlled more then alcohol though. Alcohol has negative effects on society but with the correct education those effects have been seriously reduced. I think you could do the same with most drugs. No we will never be able to remove the negative effects either of these from society but we can reduce those effects. These are also good examples of how different religions have different things as sins. Christians all see the use of either differently and I wouldn't be surprised if you found many of these groups didn't see some drug use as a sin until it was made illegal.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

New camera

I have always enjoyed taking picture but have never been able to afford the type of camera to take really good photos. I have been working for the same small company for over 10 years and instead of a cash bonus this year they give me a Canon Rebel T2i. I haven't enjoyed a camera like this in over 20 years. I have just started playing with it and I know I will now spend a good bit of time taking photos. This is one of the first picture I have taken with it and am already impressed with the quality of it. You do have to understand I have only been using 8 and 10 mega pixel cameras before this one. The only thing that sucks about this camera is that some of the concerts I like going to doesn't allow this type of camera into the concert. I can understand that because of the high quality. I hope to start posting at least a few photos every week and maybe a few videos as I get better with this camera. I think me and my dog will begin making a few trips into nature now because of this camera. I am more into nature photography then most anything else. What kinds of stuff would anyone that reads this be interested in seeing about Arkansas?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why don't I believe in a god?

I was raised in a family that usually only went to church on Sunday and sometimes Sunday evening. I know I didn't like going but most kids would prefer anything to sitting in a church. I have at least 2 brothers who are heavy into religion but it is possible one other is but really can't see it. My 4th brother is probably a believer but not the kind that attends church unless he is chasing pussy. I have one sister that is Mormon and the other is a bit indifferent to church and it seems she only has much to do with it because she thinks that is what you are suppose to do. My mother is heavily involved with  the church but it seems it is more social then hard core believing. I have no real clue about my dad since we have never talked religion and when it is talked about he seldom if ever says a thing. I was raised in a family that really wasn't to serious about religion since I really can't remember praying before meals other then on holidays or when with extended family.

      I don't even know when I decided there was no god. I have been trying to figure out what is it that has caused me to see the world of religion for what it is. I can't say it was because of reading the bible. I can't say it is because I have more then the normal education in sciences. I can't say it was because of some terrible thing that has happened in my life. The things that have gone wrong with my life are for the most part my own fault, so I can't blame it on some imaginary being. There are things I wish I had been more prepared to deal with as an adult but I can blame that on anyone other then myself. When I was younger I never really thought much about the future and what I would need to know to deal with it. I tended to live in just the moment and boy did that come back and bite me in the ass. I think it is what I see in the world that tells me there can't be some all powerful being watching us. I see so much hate coming from so many claiming their lives are based on love and peace. I don't think that we would always turn to force if religions really were about love and peace. I know there are times that the only answer is using force but if you have to lie to justify using that force you never tried anything else. I see religion using force all the time to try and push their beliefs and will hear them whining when someone pushes back. I say if your god is real force isn't necessary for that to be shown. If you can't show your god is the truth without forcing that belief on children, I don't see it as anything more then indoctrination.