Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What does evidence mean to people?

This morning I was listening to the normal radio program I listen when I work. I happen to hear them discussing how a group of guys were claiming to be close the point of armed revolution. I didn't hear the actual conversation but got the idea it was mainly hot air because the health care bill passed. This lead to people making the claim that President Obama was either the anti-christ or the new Hitler. I have actually tried to find the evidence they are using to make these claims and have found nothing that even comes close to what and how Hitler came to power. Most of the few sites I went to were the normal hot air and empty evidence.

I have studied some of the history around WWII and am at least loosely familiar with how Hitler and the Nazi party came to power. They used the SA, brownshirters, to create hate and anger at minority groups such as the Jewish people, gays, and communist. They were also used as a means of intimidation against those in politics that stood against the Nazi party. I haven't found any organization that Obama helps support that does these things. I figure people can claim Acorn was doing this but it seemed they were more interested in getting people to vote instead of getting people to stay away from the polls. The only groups I have seen doing this are those that appear to be supported by Republicans. The Tea Party appears to be more like the SA then any other mainstream organization at this time. I know they didn't start that way but people who want more hate out in this world got a few spokesmen to draw those types in. This isn't really any different then what the Nazi party did with Goebbels propaganda. If you go to
you will find how closely the words of one of those pushing The Tea Party are to those that were responsible for a massacre.

I will continue this as I get more information.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Does watching or attending sporting events make you more patriotic?

I was watching a sporting event and a commercial came on for an upcoming event. I only saw it one time and wasn't really paying to close attention to it when I heard how this sport is the most patriotic in the nation. I doubt that they are using the proper definition of patriotic. The first thing I thought was, how can a sport be patriotic? I have only come up with the fact that anyone attending or buying products linked to that sport would be patriotic. That doesn't make the sport itself patriotic.

The sport is seen by most as one with many christians within it and they seem to think that being religious means you are patriotic. I think most don't understand what being patriotic means. Being patriotic means you love your country and what it stands for. The way I see it you have to put your love of your country first in all things or you aren't really being patriotic. I know that this view of patriotic is a view that makes it almost impossible to be patriotic. I would have less respect for someone that would put country first in all things. The point I am driving at is that christians can't put country first if they truly are christians. According to all I know, god has to come first in all they do. This means that they will ignore needs of the country if it is in conflict with the bible. The way many of the christians I know have fixed this is making the claim that this country is based on christian principles. If you ask them to point out those principles in the Constitution they fail at being able to do that. Instead they turn created by the government that was formed by the Constitution to support their belief. They fail to look into history that most of these laws have predated christians in one way or another. They try to make the common laws into christian laws but again the common laws predate christianity in England. What does all this mean? It means christians need to better educate themselves before they speak about anything to do with being patriotic.