Saturday, January 30, 2010

We got snow.

Well we got snow here yesterday afternoon until some time last night. It is only about 5 or 6 inches but since this is only the second time in the last two years we have gotten enough to be called a worthwhile snowfall I figured I would post a pic of my truck. Since I am in Arkansas you can be sure there are plenty of fools trying to drive in this stuff not knowing what they are doing.

I went into the grocery store Thursday evening to get a few things and it was a mad house. What I was getting was a money order and a few minor things. There were people buying enough groceries to last a few weeks it looked like. They had known the storm was on its way here at the beginning of the week but I guess they were hoping that it would be like the last time they predicted something like this. We didn't get anything but a few slick bridges.

Now to other things I have been thinking about lately. Why does it seem that most of the main media is ignoring the stupidity of the Supreme Court ruling. I haven't seen much written about it at any of the websites for CNN, MSNBC, AP, and Rueter. I have them on my google reader and only saw them talking about it for the day after it was made. The only place I have seen much said about it is at Huffington and they seem to be doing a good job of talking about what it really means. I saw another site, Alternet, had an article about 10 things to do about it but the suggestions I saw there either had little chance to get passed or would take to long to get done for it to prevent what could ruin this country. I think it will take a major push by the American people on all sides of the spectrum of views to force the courts to over rule this ignorance.