Monday, May 4, 2009


It hit me the other day while commenting on another blog that the morals of man weren't given to him as most christians claim. If you read the story in Genesis and believe it is the truth then you have to believe that we only have morals because our ancestors stole them. If this is true then all that people claim about their god must mean nothing. It means that man was able to go against the will of god and that their god didn't have the power to end their lives as he claimed.

When Eve took the bite of the fruit, did she immediately acquire the knowledge of good and evil? If she did, does that mean she was doing good or evil getting Adam to eat of it? I see this as an example of how little people think about what they believe when it comes to religion. Like most stories I have heard from the bible, upon looking into them they fall apart. I see this as the main reason religion says not to examine it. I have never looked into the muslim religion heavily and am not planning to but figure that if you look into it closely it also will fall apart. I could be wrong about all of this and am willing to examine anything presented.

I see people always claiming different things about where and how we got morals. When you examine the different ways people claim we get our morals it can be very confusing. Myself I believe our morals aren't set in stone and change as society and individuals change. Christians claim that morals are an absolute and they never change. If this is true then most of the people of the world don't live by good morals. Many of what were good morals in the bible are now considered morally wrong. If they are absolutes as claimed then they should still be morally good now. Some of the things I see as morally good then but not now, slavery, child brides, forms of hate and others. Yes all of these are still ok in parts of the world but for the most part they are seen as morally wrong now.

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  1. Hi!

    Really well written and accurately put. Especially the argument about Eve prompting Adam to eat the apple and thus gaining knowledge of morality was appealing.

    I've dealt with a similar issue in my blog-post "A few responses to criticism of atheism".

    Take care.