Sunday, January 4, 2009

How do you make greed end?

I ,like many other Americans, am now wondering what the future holds for me financially. I think to many people are ignoring the main cause of the financial diaster. It isn't that regulations or laws being repelled were the main cause as everyone seems to want us to believe. It is that simple thing called greed. I would love to make more money then I do right now but I am not going to try to cheat, steal or lie to get it. Is my greed under control? I like to believe it is now but 15 or 20 years ago I doubt it was. 
      I believe the answer is to make greed what it is. Greed in my opinion is another of those human actions that can be controlled and has to be controlled. I know we all for the most part believe we would love to rich beyond our dreams but whem I talk to most people who have retired it seems different. They like most people want to remain active not because they are set with enough money but because they can't remain idle. I believe to end greed as it is now anything considered a luxury should be heavily taxed. That includes large salaries and benefits. What I would like is a list of items readers would consider luxury items.
   Some of the examples I go with are automobiles valued at over 25,000 or so. Homes larger then around 1500-1800 sqaure feet. Any type of designer clothes or jewelry. Now I know some people will say they need a bigger home because of a big family and I agree but for the average family that is a good size home. The car thing would also have some play since many businesses need special types of vehicles.  

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