Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am amazed at how long it takes to build bridges. It is probably to late in the year to be pouring the concrete now. This bridge was started about a year ago along with another one that is about 1 mile away from this one. I figure they could have finished this one but stopped working on it until they were ready to do the concrete on the second bridge. If you look closely you will see the bridge they are replacing. The second picture is a better view of the one they are replacing. It is hard to believe we drive across this thing with loads weighing over 85,000 lbs. Yes it is completely made of wood other the some metal bracing under and on the sides. If my information is correct, this is one of the few wooden bridges within the state and has been on the replacement list for a good while.

 This is the second bridge and it is a one lane bridge.
If you enlarge this picture you will find  a section of railing that is of a different color then the rest of it. It was several years ago that the newer section was put in because of damage damage due to flooding.