Sunday, May 31, 2009


I have been seeing other blogs talking about morals lately. I think one of the main problems with trying to explain morals, is everyone sees differently how we came about them. There are people that say all of our morals come from a deity and others say our morals have evolved. I don't believe either of these views are correct. I see how morals have changed for those claiming they come from a deity. The people claiming they have evolved seem to forget that earlier societies had some morals which was better for humankind but those morals are no longer there. I see morals developing from early childhood and being instilled each day for life.

How have some of the morals of those claiming they are given to us by a deity. Murder is a big one for most theist but when we study history we find that it is ok and not really as big a wrong as most claim it is. How many times have those in power used murder as a means of quieting others. If you think it is ok to kill to prevent others from hearing different views how can you say murder is wrong? A recent event that has cause some stir is the torture conducted by members of our government. Many of those with a fundie view of the world support it. I wonder what they would say if members of their churches were to be tortured? Would they claim it is ok if it is done because there is a chance good information might come from it?

What morals have gone to the wayside? Most of the morals that have went to the wayside aren't as important but still show how some have devolved. It use to be very common for people of youth to aid the elderly without having to be pushed into it. Now it is rare to see people helping each other without someone pushing for it. Look at how a stranded motorist will have to sit for long periods of time before someone stops to offer aid.

I see morals coming from society more then anything else. If you look at all the different societies you see they have similar morals but with small differences. In the more advanced societies you actually have some very manipulative type morals which aren't in the best interest of most within society. Look at how churches and cults are always trying to show mixing with those not of the group is wrong. I see this as a moral which is used to manipulate the members to avoid seeing things from a different view point.